Fashion isn’t always supposed to be comfortable or practical, especially when it comes from the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London. Big hats, amazing props and tight slinky designs have all been common ways to push the fashion boundaries into new and interesting trends.

However there is a fine line between a fashion parade made for the purpose of selling clothes and one designed to be an artistic spectacle with no real practical value.

Take for instance supermodels Linda Evangelista and Emma Sjoberg in George Michaels video “Too Funky”, where they could be described as nothing short of elaborate.

At L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week we reported on designs by Kirrily Johnson who was using skivvies in a unique way.

And these photos of a fashion catwalk parade are highly unusual. The designer remains a mystery, and once again, though the outfits and wearable, the props allow fashion boundaries to be pushed to the extreme.


Is all this just a way of keeping the shows interesting and attention grabbing? What are your thoughts on fashion as art?

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