Edwin Oudshoorn: Wie eine Hinde

On Friday, July 9, Edwin Oudshoorn showed his newest collection called Wie eine Hinde.

The collection was inspired by a man called Joop Kortkamp. In 1943, when he was 20 years old, his parents turned him over to the Germans because he was a homosexual. He was deported to a workcamp, but escaped through his charm, his flair and his lust for life. He was called “Pretty Johan” and paraded on red heels that he had found. The German security guard at the camp would shout out that he walked “Wie eine Hinde” (like a deer), which the collection title refers to. After 7 months Joop knew that he must get out of Germany and escaped to Amsterdam.

Joop created his own dreamworld. Together with his partner Jopie and their dog Fuji he lead a relatively happy life. A house full of colour, gold, mirrors, flowers and crystal, which is also reflected in the collection. Also the ’40s vibe is clearly present.

edwin oudshoorn wie eine hinde

The trauma from the war would never let Joop go. Until his death in 2010, Joop was scarred by his own parents betrayal.

The show was held in his new premises which is under construction right now. The catwalk was on both sides tighten with barbed wire. Together with the dust and it being under construction, the room it gave a dark and mysterious vibe.

edwin oudshoorn wie eine hinde

The clothing were a mix between ’40s warrior and modern glamour. Oudshoorn showed us dresses, capes, skirts, trousers and jackets. The strong women were combined with glitter, flowers and pearls. It gave an unusual but beautiful effect.

The colours he used were overall olive dab green with some violet, mintgreen, yellow ocher, black and turquoise.

edwin oudshoorn wie eine hinde

Every piece was perfectly accomplished and as seen there was done a lot of handwork in the pieces. Like the jackets with hand-sewed beads on them and the cape with intricate flowers. The shoes had real deer feet as a heel, an expression of the title “Wie eine Hinde”.

edwin oudshoorn wie eine hinde

The clothes had sophisticated details. Some of the pieces had Jewstars printed on the fabric. Also Oudshoorns logo was subtly evident in a lot of pieces.

Overall the subject was translated into a collection is a gorgeous way. With live music from a band called Zazi the atmosphere was spot on.

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