Encouraging summer with the Tortola Maiden

Spring has sprung over many parts of the world’s North. While that saw many a Londoner head outdoors to bask in the sun yesterday, it’s fair to say that it’s not the same kind of sun worshipping that will occur a few months from now. Not a soul would have stripped down to a carefully cut bikini and reclined on the deck of a yacht – and English spring simply doesn’t permit it.

In other parts of British territories it would have been a different story, however. In the British Virgin Islands the weather would have permitted, neigh encouraged, frolicking on the sand. It would have encouraged the feeling of a warm sun upon skin. And the opportunity of reclining on a sun drench yacht moored just off the coast? That would have been a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

brooke meredith bikini

Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
Tortola Maiden by David Higgs
Tortola Maiden by David Higgs
Tortola Maiden by David Higgs
Tortola Maiden by David Higgs
Tortola Maiden by David Higgs
Tortola Maiden by David Higgs

And that’s where Fashionising.com’s story today picks up as an ode to the coming summer. Photographed off the coast of Tortola, the largest island in the British Virgin Islands, model Brooke Meredith features as the Tortola Maiden and has the task of reminding us what’s great about summer as we throw off the shackles of an often-tepid winter. Photographed by David Higgs (in such a setting is it any wonder that photographers are so frequently envied?), he captures a story of deep blue waters and sun kissed skin. It’s left to swimwear design house Maidenlove to provide the swimwear looks, a mix of bikinis and one-pieces, a piece of the latter playing to the flapper revival.

You can see all of the Tortola Maiden photo shoot by clicking on the thumbnails above and browsing through the gallery.

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