For love of Gainsbourg & Birkin

From the day Jonatan Frenk posed for Gucci’s spring / summer 2009 campaign, his vintage magnetism flashed all over the fashion maps. His careless hairstyle, curled-up lips and old school looks didn’t go unnoticed.

Especially, when the inspiration for a photo shoot is drawn from the best of the bygone era. But sometimes, fashion icons inspire more than a given trend of that particular era.

Much better justified by this Trunk Magazine editorial featuring Frenk. The photo shoot is an adaptation of the swinging sixties lifestyle, not just a sixties-inspired shoot. Notice the difference?

Each frame narrates a love story: Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin’s passionate love story. From the wardrobe of bell-sleeved dresses, Mary Janes and boyish suit-styles to the props involving a basket with rolled-up newspaper and a bottle of wine, the whole lot has been dragged from 1968 to fit in the present times. Even the daring see-through dress is a replica of one worn by Birkin.

jane birkin inspired shoot

Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
Jonatan Frenke for Trunk Magazine
Jonatan Frenke for Trunk Magazine
Jonatan Frenke for Trunk Magazine
Jonatan Frenke for Trunk Magazine

This goes to prove the concept of worshiping fashion icons each decade. Why do we follow someone’s personal style from his or her day-to-day lives? Do we just admire the clothes or do they add a personal syllable to their personality? With a shoots like such, the only justification lies in what you want to believe. Construe as you may, only remember to rewind your mind and wardrobes.

To peruse the entire editorial, as snapped by Anne Menke, please click on the thumbnails above.

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