As a high fashion brand Louis Vuitton is known for their exquisite elegance with a dose of artistry. The brand’s items like leather goods and leopard print scarves in particular have iconic meaning as the design house’s trademarks. In order to continue with such recognition the brand decided to invite an artist who could follow the creative stipulation of Louis Vuitton and introduce a successive change for the silk scarves collection. As a result Belgian artist, Francois Cadiere was chosen. Cadiere is recognized for his surrealistic photography and handmade collages with sophisticated hints. He designed the unique collection of silk printed scarves for the fall 2011 season aiming ‘to set off an inner voyage’ through the illustration’s source.

fracois cadiere for louis vuitton

fracois cadiere for louis vuitton

The collaboration leads into the synergy of Vuitton’s signature and Cadiere’s unconventional eye for collages. Following the Louis Vuitton tradition of geographical inspirations, the artistic sources of the collection are taken from Berlin’s influences. The most iconic designs of Louis Vuitton are presented in a series of Cadiere’s extraordinary illustrations called “Edun”. The works resemble street art posters presenting the innovative solutions for wearing the scarves. The idea was born from Louis Vuitton calling upon the expertise of Liberty department store. The future costumers would feel encouraged with creativity and explore numerous ways how to transform the scarf into belt, rolled headpiece or bow.

fracois cadiere for louis vuitton


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