Going on a Tangent

It’s a man’s world. Or so says Tangent Magazine by way of the headline and masculine styling of one of their seventh edition’s photo shoots.

As new media titles are wont to do, it’s a photo shoot that draws heavily from the nudity and fashion fusion, offering up much of the raw edge that has largely been replaced by emotive erotica elsewhere.

tangent magazine

Equally as popular amongst new media titles, the A Man’s World photo shoot sits in an issue whose content revolves around “Uncensored Glamour”. Themes are a necessity for new media titles, and issues dedicated to the sexualisation of fashion seem an annual milestone.

Where Tangent Magazine most differentiates itself from the pack of new media titles, however, is in its origins. It’s an Australian title, one of an emerging breed that sees the country’s publishing industry compete on a global scale and sometimes even outdo those with an established pedigree.

That Australian basis sees A Man’s World rely heavily on Australian talent with Elvis Di Fazio serving as the photographer, and the likes of Simone Kerr, Tiah Eckhardt and Lauren Brown oft sapphically steaming up the lens.

You can see the photo shoot by clicking on the thumbnails and browsing through the gallery, while you can indulge in the full print quality by picking up an issue of Tangent Magazine‘s 7th issue at your local newsstand.

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