Imagining Wallis Simpson’s chauffeur

You don’t mess with history. It’s not only disrespectful, but it’ll always come around to haunt you in any way possible – politically or fashionably.

Madonna’s directorial debut, W.E, might’ve been a recipient of critical thumbs-down, however the fashion in the film was anything but. Make a movie about an icon of her times, American socialite Wallis Simpson, and expect the industry to not endlessly replicate the look in magazine editorials? Nearly impossible. A fashion legacy so powerful, it was only fair for the star stylist of the movie, Arianne Phillips, to recreate it with 100 percent authenticity.

And so did she. Wallis Simpson was a client of haute couture in Paris. Her wardrobe was sophisticatedly simple – the kind that looked effortless but expensive. This sharp and elegant sense of style can be translated into the wardrobe of a modern woman. Pencil skirts, linear silhouette and romantically rigid prints – all with a hint of vintage royalty.

This editorial styled by David Nyiri has deciphered that classic and modern allure, despite being an oxymoron in the best of its elements. But it’s not about Mrs. Wallis, it’s about her chauffeur. Would she have driven the Duchess around in a Dior skirt on one, and a Chanel tweed suit on another day?

Shoot by balazs koch and david nyiri

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Mrs. Wallis's chauffeur: David Nyiri & Balazs Koch
Mrs. Wallis's chauffeur: David Nyiri & Balazs Koch
Mrs. Wallis's chauffeur: David Nyiri & Balazs Koch
Mrs. Wallis's chauffeur: David Nyiri & Balazs Koch
Mrs. Wallis's chauffeur: David Nyiri & Balazs Koch
Mrs. Wallis's chauffeur: David Nyiri & Balazs Koch

Staying true to her salary bracket, this chauffeur’s style is of high street excellence. Driving around in the best offerings from Vero Moda, H&M, Debanhams and such, there couldn’t be a more perfect match. Without outstanding Wallis’ well-known monochromatic wardrobe, the colours are
gentle, ones that compliment the royalty sitting in the backseat.

Of course, a job so prestigious calls for playing immature dress-ups, with glittered gloves and mustard gown, the chauffeur doesn’t shy away from spreading herself across the back of her car. But that’s only off-duty.

Like we said, you wouldn’t want to mess with history or its chief characters.

To peruse the editorial images, photographed by Balazs Koch, click on the thumbnails above.

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