If you watched Vanessa Bruno’s last film campaign, you’ll recall that Kate Bosworth starred; the inhabitant of a world slightly dark and surreally twisted. This time Bosworth returns, but the feeling is much more optimistic. Once again the music, the filming, and the styling are all beautiful – even if the meaning behind it is open to intepretation.

kate bosworth vanessa bruno film

From the official description:

A stellar girl, a radiant girl who clutches onto the moon and arrives in an unknown land, on unmarred ground, as immaculate as her white ensemble. Is this the end of reality, the beginning of a dream?

The new Vanessa Bruno film directed by Stephanie Di Giusto presents a face, that of Kate Bosworth. She lives in an illusory house, set in the desert of an improbable space-time where anything is possible, whether weightlessness or challenging the course of time.

Her past resurfaces. It is airy and subconscious: a child’s hand caressing her face, a swimming pool in sunny California, laughter, life. Kate rushes forth and doesn’t look back, there were memories and now there is the horizon, a future to invent, to imagine, like a futuristic fairy tale.

She finally reveals herself to the moon, like a young woman messiah illuminated from within by telluric thoughts.

Watch the video above.

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