I’m sure you can forgive me for incorrectly identifying the apples which accompany the perfectly proportioned Lara Stone in this ad for DKNY‘s Be Delicious fragrance. The apples may in fact be Granny Smith, a notoriously sour and hard variety which make it a personal favourite of mine.

Another favourite of mine? The not-so subliminal placement of the scent’s silver apple packaging. Perhaps the creatives behind the ad needed a family friendly, sans breasts advert, but just couldn’t live with themselves if you overlooked the fact that Lara Stone is famous for more than just her gapped teeth?

lara stone dkny

There’s also a campaign video after the jump, so be sure to click through and watch.

The campaign was shot by Mikael Jansson and, unlike Lara’s recent campaign for CK, this series of adverts has absolutely no reason to face censorial ban hammer.

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