MariaFrancescaPepe: crosses and roses

I am a sucker for flower garlands. They have a quality of innocence which is sweet but not sugary, and while the word girly may spring to mind, it does so with a different connotation to the way it applies to bows, or frills, or ribbons, or other ‘girly’ things. Maybe it’s because they’re born from nature, but garlands are, to my mind at least, the best kind of girly.

So while MariaFrancescaPepe’s last collection enraptured us with its serpentine appeal, her latest does so with a flowery softness. The fringed hair and thick lower lashes certainly give off a ’60s flower child vibe, but there’s also a subtle gothicism to the black crosses and body chains.

The perfect way to mix the innocence of rose garlands with leather and crucifixes? Maybe not the, but it’s certainly one of them.

View the full collection by MariaFrancescaPepe at the gallery above.