Mediterranean lovers

Two lovers – floating in crystal water, perched up on semi-submerged rocks, passionately leaning against each other’s bare bodies.

The Croatian water is almost like their private pool with no unwanted guests, onlookers or tourists to hustle. This seclusion might reinforce their idea of lustful love making, or it’ll foster the mere act of sexualising the surroundings.

But what weighs heavier – their passionate love or their quest to be seen in blissful paradise? They’re kissing with eyes closed, but have no eye contact with each other. Does this make them pretended lovers?

sirens song by michael david adams

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Siren Song by Michael David Adams
Siren Song by Michael David Adams
Siren Song by Michael David Adams
Siren Song by Michael David Adams
Siren Song by Michael David Adams

Photographer Michael David Adams’ camera lens is the director of this film as it beautifully ties together the backdrop and its subject.

If the clothes, models or make-up can’t tell the story, then the camera and subtle gazes will do the job.

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