Supermodel Naomi Campbell has made a new TV commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Tea where she mocks her own anger problems. The commercial, as seen below, shows Naomi throwing a shoe through a window and tearing up a tree – somewhat reminiscent of the incident where she threw a mobile phone at her maid.

After throwing the phone, she was punished by attending to five days of community service cleaning up the streets of New York. Naomi told W magazine that the week of community service took its toll – “I start to feel the wear and tear of the week. I see bags under my eyes. I think, Oh my god. I need a good night’s sleep.”

However this is one of the only times the starlet, now 37, has been in the media of late. Did her phone throwing stint enhance her career by getting her new advertising campaigns, or did it tarnish her image by making her appear to be a self centred diva? Tell us in the forums.

Source: Bangshowbiz

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