One way to do summer shorts

They’re not flip flops, but I suspect that Tom Ford would still hate this look. And he would’t be the only one: somewhere along the line men’s shorts have become something of a divisive issue – there’s a camp of people who utterly deride their very existence, who will argue until they’re blue in the face that men simply should not wear shorts. I’m certainly not one of them. As the mercury heads north, so do the hems of my trousers until they eventually peak, along with summer, somewhere along my thighs.

How then to dress shorts up as the temperature swells? By pairing them with a summer blazer and preferably a shirt. While for most that will mean something in a cotton, you can always opt for something in a linen and revel in the cloth’s crumpled appeal.

dip dye blazer

This chap gets it right. His hair perfectly groomed, his cotton blazer making a statement through its drip dye finish, and the nero collar of his shirt rounding it all out. The sandals, as it is with flip flops, are naturally optional.

This look was snapped during the men’s component of Paris fashion week by Style Sight.

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