It’s the great question of the science fiction genre: what does it mean to be human? From Asimov to Phillip K Dick, I, Robot to Blade Runner, no answer is definitive but rather always open to interpretation. Benah’s latest collection takes inspiration from both Dick and designer Brenda Harvey’s favourite author, Chuck Palahniuk (“When did the future switch from being a promise, to being a threat?” the collection’s notes quote of the latter). Titled LIMITS it explores that very question of humanity, along with how our projections of the future have changed over the last 50 years.

benah autumn / winter 2012

The space age fantasies and clean lines of the idealist 1950s future are embodied in silver holographic, hexagonal tessellation and patent croc finishes with brushed gold hardware. Restrained, minimalist shapes and softer hues of pistachio green and blush pink support this optimistic, rose-tinted view of what is yet to come.

Drawing a refined contrast, textured suede in shadowy tones of navy, burgundy and black reflect the gritty, dystopian reality our future now holds. Oversized, slouchy silhouettes deepen the dark mood while gunmetal hardware, chain detail and large linked cuffs are tough reminders of the apocalyptic end.

With moody photography by Ben Briand that shifts light projects ghosted images like time passing, the Benah autumn / winter 2012 look book is well fitted to the futurist themes of the collection. You can view it in full at the gallery above.

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