Somewhere between the two

A good percentage of the fashion industry loves to push boundaries by stirring the pot and creating controversy. Hence the age old sexualisation of fashion. Hence the continued exploration of the fusion of nudity and fashion.

Here’s something that seems to sit uncomfortably between the two: the next issue of the Spanish edition of V magazine is set to feature a sexed up (in the Playboy sense of the term), former child prostitute on its cover.

Zahia Dehar magazine

Zahia Dehar is her name, and it’s a rather queasy claim to fame, as Wikipedia tells us:

Zahia Dehar is an Algerian born prostitute who became known when it was discovered that three players from the France national football team (Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou ) programs used her services when she was underage. She said in interviews that she was treated with “great respect” by the three players.

At least the Chanel bikini is to be admired.

The eighth edition of V Spain will be published shortly.

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