Street style: more photographers than the stylish

Fashion weeks have become so chaotic recently with so many new photogs. When I first started doing fashion weeks three or four years ago, it was pretty much just the Japanese, Bill Cunningham, Sartorialist, Jak&Jil, Facehunter, me, and a couple of others. It was fun, leisurely, and a lot more civilized. You had time to build somewhat of a rapport with the subjects.

These days, though, “throw in a ton of new bloggers, clueless aggressive paparazzi assholes who even more clueless magazines hire, and random modelizer dudes, and the scene is more like a rugby scrum. It’s a bit discouraging.”

– Phil Oh, Street Peeper on Fashionista

Doubt him?

lady in red

Picture creatively snapped by Tommy Ton.

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