Superfine sells attitude and skin, not denim

There’s much to strike you about Superfine’s spring 2012 look book, but least of all the actual denim. Rather there’s the stark, high-contrast black and white photography. There’s the casting of three uniform blonde-haired models; the ambiguity of androgynous Andrej Pejic alongside the two topless female models, likely a deliberate feat of casting that has the viewer constantly doing a double-take. And of course there’s the semi-nude states of dress which will either draw your eye more strongly to the denim, or well away from it.

But for all of that what Superfine’s latest look book does do is give you an overall impression, a brand association with androgyny and effortlessly sexy dressing; with boots, bleached hair and cigarettes. You also get a good sense of the cuts, shapes and drapes if not the colours or finer details of the denim. So for a brand selling an attitude, not a specific pair of jeans, perhaps that’s enough.

Along with Andrej Pejic, the look book stars Julia Nobis and Patricia van der Vliet. You can view it in full at the gallery above.