There’s wine, a five-tier cake, a donkey and a groom. But when the Italian traditions unite with a modern bride, you know this wedding is not what grandmum expected it to be.

With all the wedding talk in Britain this year, Vanity Fair Italy decided to jump on the bandwagon and show how it’s really done in Italy. But of course, with a few 21st century alterations.

luisa bianchin italian wedding shoot

The soft, postcard-esque lighting captures the romantic allure of Sicily, but this wedding is not about the couple’s extravagant clothes, it’s a family affair. The overjoyed kids, caring bridesmaid and stylish family members ring in Italy’s culture, while model Luisa Bianchin upholds her elegance and sophistication. The bridal ensemble includes an on-trend lace gown, a ruffled gown in tulle and another in urbane silk. The uncommon teaming of a beige nude gown with a white veil paves way for an exciting new trend. The hair is inspired by 1960s and teamed with au natural make-up.

Now those who can’t say ‘culturally-enriched’ and ‘contemporary wedding’ in the same breathe, go eat some cake. You were just proved wrong.


To view all the wedding photos, click on the thumbnails above.

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