Tropical fruits: Camille Rowe

Floral prints have been fluttering in the backyard for a while now, but this summer, it’s fruits that have taken fashion’s centre stage.

The cheeky editorial from the June 2011 issue of L’Officiel Ukraine captures fruits and fashion in their foremost element. Glossy photography by Mason Poole set against an abstract backdrop brings out an animation in every outfit. In these shots, it’s the bold prints that take precedence over the colour palette, although it does feature numerous pieces from the lemon family (the colour and the fruit!).

camille rowe l'officiel ukraine

The laws of the jungle are broken with the witty styling, where model Camille Rowe wears a subtle animal print top as a cute lion cub lays on her stomach. Stella McCartney’s mid-thigh split dress contrasts with Louis Vuitton’s floral suit, with both working effectively for the continual summer theme. The pleated bodysuit and high waisted hotpants are on-trend reminders of the muggy season that makes every designer dive into a pool of risky, but creative business. The spring 2011 season has left them with a seasonal fruit platter.

The childlike, plastic-looking accessories signify the real essence of this season being all about fun, playfulness and nostalgia. Even the balayaged hair remains adamant about being an ignorant summer child.

So bring in the bananas, strawberries, watermelon, cherries, or even the entire fruit basket from the kitchen table – it’s time to sew a dress.

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