The broken heart finds a way to mend itself and fly free and far away from the place where it was broken in the first place. Far away from the love that once constricted and bound her to a place where she is allowed, a place where she couldn’t sway to inaudible music and giggle at the echo of her mindless thoughts.

With flying away from those restrictions, she’s able to celebrate freedom and reflect on the fragments of love that seldom shone though his need to have her bound to him.

‘I loved him,’ she says. ‘But I hated us.’

milos I used to love him

While she cries over time lost and wasted bound by all he needed her to be… She dances in the place where he rests and still manages to celebrate that she loved him. And celebrate that now she is free.

This editorial raises a toast to life and a sense of free will. In a graveyard, the numbing silence and eerie breeze lets the soul rests in peace. It’s where you know who you really are, where you belong, who loves you and who knows your favourite flowers. Life after death is, in a way, a celebration of that very life, and Milos’ lens has captured that essence with sheer brilliance.

The daring, carefree clothes are a reflection of this newfound freedom, whilst also a strong sign of a mourning period. She doesn’t want to let go of her love, but in someway can’t seem to start the new chapter of her life. The animal print, red leather and gold-sequinned skirt emanate a sense of being into her grieved ensemble.

Because that’s what it’s about – battle the heartbreaks, the grief, the imperfections, but never be bereaved of your own identity. Your own self. The love for your existence.

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