A modern dip into the retro pool

The fashion of the ’70s has slowly been creating its own modern revival within the world of fashion that we are seeing today; with the vintage flare and sophisticated reinforcement of this sleek and sexy style in clothing there is a recreation of a sense of dress that has become lost in our modern wardrobes.

Through the combined artistic talents of Carlos Montelara (photographer) and Virginia Moreno-Torano (style artist) they breathe life into this era gone by in a completely functionable and wearable way.

70s glamour shoot

The luxurious fabrics, decadent prints and glamorous accessories of the 70’s era come through with a striking force as Moreno-Torano develops a series of outfits perfectly suited for the world and fashion of today. The hair and make-up (done by Lio Maldonado) echo’s the glamour and refinement of a “Greece” get-up; shocking red lips that scream for attention, the bounce and coil of glossy golden hair, and even the iconic accentuation of eyelined cat’s eyes.

The fashion and style of the ’70s made faultless use of mixed prints, bold colours paired with muted ones and big, chunky accessories adding to each outfit. Key items such as platform heels, high quality bags and mini-skirts complete the look and tie it into the style of 40 years ago.s

Learn more about this fashion revival and Carlos Montelara photography by clicking on the gallery.

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