Alexander McQueen: Victorian beauties

Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Autumn / fall 2012 silhouette is a classically feminine one. One in which the waist is never in danger of getting lost or overlooked, so cinched is it. Designer Sarah Burton has a way of starting out the collection in a tailored, sharp way that feels restrained, almost cautious, as if she’s easing into it – and then with a gasp things flourish and become inordinately beautiful. And Victorian, in this case.

Even an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse gets the Victorian-era treatment. Dresses are ornately patterned (but not over the top), skirts bustlingly full, velvets as rich and heavy as sheers are airily light. As far as high-necked Victoriana goes, those same diaphanous fabrics make for a masterful approach, and are definitely a highlight.

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