An acumen into the cultural mind of Zakary le Stele

A human mind who knows no boundaries when it comes to the incongruent relating of cultures and civilizations across the globe. The folds and flows of one cultural dimension into another, a reminisce of a poised Victorian bodice blending in with the soft lightness of an African wrapping. The collection of Zakary le Stele speaks to the ethnically diverse, the identity-confused wearer with a flare for both tradition and modernity culminating to create a whimsical final feature.

With an artistic background le Stele plays with the textures and prints that one singular outfit can create, with prevailing notions of femininity, sexuality and attitude never losing their ground in the presentation and representation of the female form. The summer/spring 2013 collection aligns with the natural hues of the earth. Light blues and caramel browns play with another in contrast to the occasional splash western leathers and darker tones.

La Stele works with photographer Tsasha Olivier to capture the reality and weirdness behind personal style. While many people can conform to similarly corresponding apparels, there is a defining sense of individuality and artistry embodied in the line’s diverse look. A break back to the originality of individual liking and living, representing all the characters within.

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