Czech-Canadian fashion designer and photographer Marie Copps is one of those extraordinary people who believe that art can bring awareness, choosing to express her concern about the causes she believes in in the most creative, beautiful way possible. By joining forces with Miss Earth Canada 2013 Sofiya Chorniy, The Queen of the Arctic project was born, a project meant to help protect the Arctic by bringing awareness to the general public about oil drills planned in 2015 in the fragile Alaskan Arctic.

Marie Copps Queen of the Arctic

About the sadness and hopelessness a Queen of the Arctic would experience if there was an oil spill in her dream, the photos of breathtaking beauty call to thought and action from all perspectives: environmental, of ecosystems, of animals, of humanity. All it takes is empathizing, believing and taking a stand.

Marie Copps Queen of the Arctic

“If an oil spill occurs in the Arctic, it would be impossible to clean up properly, just like other spills that have happened in the past. This inability to restore the natural balance of an ecosystem after a spill means that the beautiful, fragile, and important Arctic would be negatively changed and be damaged forever.

As a fashion designer and photographer I wanted to express my concern about the danger of arctic oil drilling by creating an image depicting an environmental disaster.”

Marie Copps Queen of the Arctic

Meant to inspire you to take a stand against the detrimental environmental decisions made by governing bodies, corporate companies, and us as a society, The Queen of the Arctic project is of immeasurable value, speaking aloud about the “moral obligation that we possess for ourselves and for future generations as stewards of the earth” to prevent such a catastrophe.

Marie Copps Queen of the Arctic

Team credits

Photography and Costume Design – Marie Copps
Creative Director – Michelle Aristocrat
Model – SofiyaChorniy- Miss Earth Canada 2013
Make-up, Hair, Nails – Valentina Dang
Make-up provided by MarieNatie Cosmetics
Images of nature – Getty Images
Post-production - Marie Copps

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