The photography shoot by Klaus Kampert captures the perspectives of the human body not often revealed in such extreme poses. The human being is the only species that has the ability to such creatively express themselves by twisting, moving and deforming their body, creating shapes and forms that aid the viewer into seeing something beyond what is there.

Kampert creates a connection between natural human form and that of sculpture – generating a connection between that which is art and that which is organic human form. This connection represents Kampert’s ability to give the body and the torso it’s unique touch when embodying a static structure and giving it the life of organic human design.

naked body human sculpture

Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
Torsi by Klaus Kampert for FIFTY8 Magazine
Torsi by Klaus Kampert for FIFTY8 Magazine
Torsi by Klaus Kampert for FIFTY8 Magazine

Each curve and the smoothness of the skin within this shoot truly resembles what it is for there to be a visual appeal that moves beyond understanding and actuality, and into something that is purely abstract and fascinating.

For more of this abstract appeal from photographer Klaus Kampert ( click on the gallery.

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