In the light of one of the most enigmatic murder mysteries in American history Fenia Labropoulou creates a fashion shoot in line with the graceful and feminine fashion of the 1940’s. There is something slightly harrowing about the tale of Elizabeth Short, from the mystery surrounding her disappearance to the mystery surrounding her death’s motives. Labropoulou and stylist, Katerina Gouma, create a classical and seamlessly elegant shoot reflective of the high society of the 1940’s era.

Labropoulou makes use of black and white photography reflective of the nickname the victim herself – The Black Dalia – and also to express that sense of classical and ageless wonder upon the shoot. The fashion in the shoot is darkly enticing and alluring; revealing certain arches of the body and stream lining with the natural curve of the female form.

Black Dahlia fashion shoot

Hair (done by Renos Politis) and makeup (done by Adrianna Foutzoula) is dark and sleek, shadowy enchanting eyes and blackened lips accentuated the plumpness of model Dianne’s features – creating that distinctly vampish and feline look of a woman.

The Black Dalia is a story forever embedded in the pages of history, revealing around the notions of secrecy, sexuality and the unknown. Labropoulou and Gouma come together to create a fashion shoot that revels in these very things.

Uncover the truth behind Fenia Labropouloua’s photography ( by clicking on the gallery.

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