For art to meet its ultimate purpose, to make one feel, imagine, think and eventually understand, it does not need to be accompanied by words, it requires no explanation. Because art can easily become the silence of thought and the music of sight, particularly when explored like a sum of all things beautiful, gifted with meaning, or envisioned in a rather wild setting. A reflection that seems to bury itself time and time again for us to discover in Peter Coulson‘s incredible photography work.

tattoo body art

Shot in black and white and veiled by simple lighting, the photo shoot staring Anne Duffy is an homage paid to two amazing artists and a Japanese inspired technique of painting. Drawn by both Lizzie Sharp and Anne, the resulting style is a complement paid to the female body, a delicate shield, a work of art.

Featuring hair and make-up by the talented Lizzie Sharp, you can view the complete shoot at the gallery. For more of Peter Coulson’s inspiring work do check his website at

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