To the religious, or at least the supersticious, partaking in any activity other than revered silence while standing over the bones of the dead may seem disrespectful or… inconsiderate. You wouldn’t wish to disturb the sleepers or unsettle the calm dusts of their memories. Still, one has to admit that cemeteries make for beautiful backdrops – this one both in spite of the crosses that loom over a stretch of picturesque sea, and beacuse of their very hauntingness.

Part of the reason gothicism and all things darkly romantic continue to capture the imagination is because – at the heart of us – we’re all aware of and fascinated by our own fragility. Beauty and life are both fleeting, and together, the time-worn stones and the living, breathing, youthful thing make for captivating imagery.

graveyard fashion shoot

Tip-toeing around this graveyard were photographer Zoe Economides, model Teale Coco, and hair/makeup artist Maree Spagnol. You can view all of Economides’ ( shoot at the gallery.

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