Christian Lacroix rides the fence

Flick open any newspaper (if you’re still into that thing called print) and each day you’ll be greeted by one constant theme: the sky is falling. Take most economists at face value and you’ll be left with the distinct impression that the money you’re paid is just about as worthless as the Reichsmark circa 1945.

Is it any wonder, then, that so much of men’s fall 2012 fashion is shaping up to be conservative? It’s not that it’s shaping up to be a year without its flair, it’s just that the fashion offerings revealed so far have felt somewhat muted.

And, save for a few haemorrhage-inducing prints, muted is what Christian Lacroix’s men’s autumn / winter 2012 offering is. While the name Lacroix has historically conjured up mental images of ostentatious women’s fashion, the house’s menswear offering tends to be far more subdued and far more mainstream. Thus we’re left looking not at a collection that is revolutionary, but one that is evolutionary.

That can lead to only one thing; after all, menswear evolution in 2012 is solely about the exploration of relaxed tailoring. As we expect that many designer will at Paris fashion week, Christian Lacroix offers up relaxed cuts aplenty for fall 2012. Where others have only dared to explore the trend through suits, Lacroix designer Sacha Walckhoff has interpreted it through outerwear and largely left the cut of the house’s autumn / fall 2012 suiting alone. In some ways, and particularly when set against fabric fusions, that in itself is a point of difference for the season. But it’s also somewhat awkward. Flick through the collection’s suiting and you’ll see that what’s on offer rides the fence between what’s considered fashionable and what’s considered fashion forwards – suits are neither slim cut nor are they overly relaxed. In fact, their cut is more akin to the sack suit with a statement made through a wide lapel – and the sack suit simply isn’t where menswear is at in 2012.

You can see all of the Christian Lacroix autumn / winter 2012 men’s runway collection by clicking on a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the fashion show.

Also from this fashion show.



Photography by Imaxtree