The sun is always shining somewhere. Certainly not where I happen to be writing this from – where the snow insists on falling despite it, theoretically, being spring time – but perhaps in Brazil, from where label Agua de Coco hails. In fact, if you were to judge by this campaign starring adorable redhead Cintia Dicker, the sun is always shining in Brazil. Instent on inspiring your swimwear choices for 2013 and intent on doing so all year round, these images mark the brand’s winter 2013 campaign.

cintia dicker agua de coco swimwear

If you don’t happen to live close enough to the equator that your winter looks like a tropical paradise, then surely it’s your winter escape to a warmer climate these pieces are availing themselves for. Either way, there are prints aplenty and a suitably exotic mood running through the collection. You can view more of the campaign by clicking on the gallery.

You can also check out the divinely tropical Agua de Coco spring 2014 collection, as seen on the runway at Sao Paulo fashion week, at that link.

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