When it comes to nudity in her work, model Daisy Lowe is certainly no stranger or wallflower. Nor are other models strangers to Playboy magazine – we’ve seen the likes of Lily Cole and Lara Stone featured within its pages, while from another part of the fashion industry Karl Lagerfeld has tried his hand at photographing for the title. Yet the now-revealed collaboration between Daisy Lowe and Playboy magazine feels different to what what has come before in the realm of ‘fashion model does Playboy’.

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Daisy Lowe: Playboy September '11 (NSFW)
Daisy Lowe: Playboy September '11 (NSFW)

And it’s a difference that will leave it open to criticism – criticism that I suspect will have a lot to do with the way our psychology approaches Playboy’s photo shoot.

In part it’s a difference that comes about from our as a result of Daisy Lowe‘s photo shoot having been produced for the American edition of Playboy magazine. In contrast, others featuring fashion well-known fashion models have been published solely in the French edition Playboy. Geography may seem a strange point, but our perceptions of the way in which French and American cultures approach the subject of sexuality, and all it entails, certainly filters the way we interpret what both titles publish.

Equally as relevant, and similarly associated, the overall styling of Daisy Lowe’s Playboy photographs will run afoul with some; it’s full frontal in both its approach to nudity and its visual qualities. With its colour saturation and light blow-outs, Daisy Lowe’s appearance in Playboy has the air of a Terry Richardson production – a quality that the fusion between nudity and fashion has long moved away from. Instead a sensualised erotica is now favoured, one that Lowe has previously shown herself to be capable of, but one that could be argued to be missing here.

Of course, as much as some will try to argue it, a different quality isn’t to say that Daisy Lowe’s Playboy photo shoot lacks a place. It mightn’t evoke artistic erotica, but it certainly is laden with the brash attitude and desired sexuality of youth. And in times where the rest of the print media is filled with prophecies of doom, perhaps that’s the more desirable quality.

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You can see a preview of Daisy Lowe‘s photo shoot for the September 2011 edition of American Playboy magazine by clicking on the thumbnails above and browsing through the gallery. The issue hits U.S. newsstands, online at www.playboydigital.com, and on Friday, 12 August 12 and will available on U.K. newsstands during the week of August 15.

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