Summer time and the living is easy.

Yes, it’s a sure sign that Summer has peaked when England has a few hot days. And boy, has it. 30 Celsius plus in England and people have been dying of heat exhaustion. Or so the news tells me – it seems that every time the sun decides to beat down on England’s green and pleasant land I’m somewhere else. If you follow on Instagram you’ll have probably seen that those somewhere elses include regional Italy and the likes of Romania. Along the way I’ve fed my current accessories addiction, seeking out night markets and vintage sunglasses stores so as to pick up a few unique pieces.

Daniel Dykes style in Bucharest

Some of them come together with what I deem as a perfect summer look for myself – city nautical. I.e. a look that abstracts colours from their expected environment, and makes them street ready.

Daniel Dykes style in Bucharest

Walking in the heat of Bucharest’s summer the accessories were a Daniel Wellington watch, a bespoke Alicia Hannah Naomi ring, wrist straps from J.Crew and Cabo de Mar, while the specs are from Rayban. As for the rest; the white jeans are from Uniqlo, the nautical blazer is from Dover and the slip on shoes are from Antica Cuoieria in Florence.

Photos by Doina Ciobanu.

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