Sebastian Petrovski’s compulsion as a photographer isn’t to necessarily express the beauty of light and happiness and completeness, but rather the beauty of life’s darker times. Isolation, being unmoored from life and from others and set adrift in what feels like an endless darkness – those are moments that can feel right for getting lost in, moments of hurting but healing. It’s those times that we can submerge ourselves in knowing we’ll eventually find our way back, and when we do – we’ll appreciate them all the more.

dark fashion shoot shaved head female model

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Emily in Moonlight by Sebastian Petrovski
Emily in Moonlight by Sebastian Petrovski

Raw, hurting, after a breakup, Petrovski channels solitude through the black and white video (below) and imagery of model Emily Parsons, whose shaved head and mask of smokey black eyeshadow (created by makeup artist Amanda Grace Nash) makes her all the more perfect a vessel for conveying the mood.

Watch the video by Sebastian Petrovski ( by clicking the play button below.

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