Go-go to the new Vogue-Vogue?

Were it not for the punchline at the end that finally furnishes this video with some semblance of a point (the punchline being “Go-go to the new Vogue.fr”) you’d wonder what relevance Wham! could possibly have to a relaunch of the Vogue Paris website. But there it is, a video of Emmanuelle Alt miming to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Telling you to Go-Go to the new Vogue-Vogue.

That being the guise of a purpose, there does seem to be a deeper mission to Alt’s ’80s popstar fantasy. This video wants us to know that Alt is cool in a dorky, approachable kind of way. It wants us to know that she has a personality, albeit it one vastly different to that of her predecessor Carine Roitfeld. It implores us to believe that – look! – she can have fun too.

emmanuelle alt wham video

All of that would work better with a little more energy from both Alt and her model backup singers (Anja Rubik, Karmen Pedaru, Jasmine Tookes and Kendra Spears) who all look suitably glam-tastic, but don’t seem to be brimming with genuine excitement. The other player on this strange stage is Mademoiselle Agnès, a TV personality apparently enlisted to bring the personality to the TV. The Mademoiselle, it should be noted, brings more energy to the production than the others combined.

What the video also serves to do, whether willingly or not, is cement Alt as a fixture of the ’80s. If her consistent uniform of skinny pants and blazers, and the barrage of glam-rock editorials dominating her issues of Vogue Paris, are anything to go by, Alt’s syndrome of Golden Age Thinking puts the era on something of a pedestal. Does this mean there’s going to be no shortage of Glam-era homages in future issues?

Granted it’s a noble effort to go out on a limb and do something that’s deliberately meant to be cheesy, lighthearted, and that doesn’t take itself too seriously. But perhaps this would come across as less forced if it didn’t seem so self-aware of its own marketing efforts.

Watch the Emmanuelle Alt video above and let us know what you think at the comments below.

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