Your lover is cheating on you. And it’s not just a suspicion, not just jealousy talking. Through the crack in a door way the affair plays out before your eyes. You can see her legs wrapped around him. You can see their passion.

The question is what do you do next?

thirst jenna elizabeth

That’s the scenario facing model-as-actress Chanel Iman in Jenna Elizabeth’s Thirst. What she does next is as every bit as sexual as the affair itself. We won’t tell you what that is though, that’d be spoiling things. You can watch the video below.

After apprehensions that her lover is cheating on her, a woman seeks revenge to ultimate circumstances. What begins as innocent foreplay turns into a deadly game of confession.

Thirst is another in a long line of fashion films, but certainly a standout. Like Karlie Kloss’ Fuck Me it guarantees its viewership through a story of sex and fetishism – Iman’s Thirst takes the latter further into S&M territory. It also moves further into a commercial territory: did you note that the camera lingers a little too long on the handbags in the film? They’re from label Reece Hudson who funded the movie. Yes, what you watched is effectively an advert. But you were happy to watch it and it’s likely that you enjoyed it. What you’ve paid witness to is one of fashion’s many futures and one of its many forthcoming advertising endeavours.

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