A simplified version of the sexual nature behind clothing and lingerie would not have been enough; a modest interpretation of the designer world of lace and leather would not have sufficed in carrying through the message that this raw and racy lingerie looks to achieve.

Cautioned by the tones of sepia or saturated highlights photographer Bernard Gueit creates an erotic fashion shoot filled with all the dreams and desires of any lustful soul. The Kisskill lingerie collection meets all the intimate requirements of any man or woman in all of it’s style, material and gorgeous accessory additions (note the delicate lace kitten ears or leather harness fixtures).

Kisskill lingerie shoot

Hair and make-up (both done by Kate Blainey) is voluptuous and full of life, bouncing curls that cascade down cream coloured skin, dark cats eyes that stare out lustrously at the camera lense. The Kisskill collection covers an entire range of sensual underwear – featuring the dark and feminine lace panties with delicate trim and bow detail, or the more indecorous leopard print. Gueit allows the imagination to run wild as he creates each intimate portrait with a definitive sexuality and erotic drive.

Explore the world of Bernard Gueit (at Crave Agency) photography by clicking on the gallery.

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