It was this time last year that we started to notice the slowly creeping roots of an oriental fashion trend. It’s been lingering around the edges, but hasn’t quite broken out in full force. We don’t expect that to change this year, but it’s an influence of the exotic we’ll be keeping an eye on – particularly as 1920s fashion similarly maintains its haze of inspiration over high fashion.

Having just featured La Perla’s latest lingerie collection mixing East and West, it’s timely to also shine a spotlight on Timmothy Lee‘s Made In Hong Kong II – a follow up to the similarly intriguing Made In Hong Kong.

kong kong fashion shoot

Styling by Vincent Choi is eclectic. Turbans and tassel earrings with floral espadrilles and stockings; an exotic patterned skirt with a satin bomber and sporty sun visor; a peplumed bustier layered over a chunky knit… All these colourful combinations are played against backdrops that celebrate Timmothy Lee’s birthplace of Hong Kong.

Makeup by Hilary Hui, rich red lips and gold lids, adds to the exoticism. You can view all of Timmothy Lee’s ( shoot at the gallery above.

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