Music and fashion, fashion and music, one could easily argue these are in fact the two sides of the same coin. Colliding, or coming together, influencing each other or filling each other’s voids, connecting to send a message or perhaps to fully enrich a statement, it is clear that one is not the same without the other.

After the break, discover 5 music clips that aside from indulging your auditory senses, promise to also provide you with a perfect mixture of great fashion and beautiful girls. Courtesy of Early Morning Rebel, Tennis, Paola Iezzi, Beyonce and Bob Sinclair, find all the videos below.

Music clip video roundup

Early Morning Rebel – Hold On

Layering fashion into their highly stylized videos – shot, directed and edited by the band – as well as their own personal style, Early Morning Rebel caught the eye of the fashion industry and we get why. You’ll find all the answers in the “Hold On” video.

Tennis – Mean Streets

A VHS-grainy inspired video, the gorgeous Taryn Andreatta lip-synching to the soothing lyrics, a fluffy yellow sweater paired to her hypnotizing red lips, equals the recipe to make a hit out of a great song.

Paola Iezzi – Se Perdo Te

A mix of different worlds all linked to fashion, the official video of Paola Iezzi – Se Perdo Te is directed by Paolo Santambrogio. Featuring Miu Miu garments, Francesco Ballestrazzi’s Mikey Mouse headband and illustrations by Ivo Bisignano, the video will definitely gain you over.

Beyonce – Yonce

A gorgeous Beyonce showcasing her glorious signature moves alongside the beautiful reign of models made out of Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn. No further arguments needed for you to hit play.

Bob Sinclair – Cinderella (She Said Her Name)

Sexy, effervescent, an amalgam of wonderful shots and beautiful women, Bob Sinclair’s Cinderella directed by Alexander Tikhomirov is sure to trigger your nostalgia, along with all the other senses.

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