A folio I covet

I’ll confess right up front, I haven’t the faintest idea as to what is kept within this lady’s folio. I’m certainly happy to guess, however I will do so with bias. You see, there’s something rather perfect about her folio. It’s minimalist yet not without detail. It’s complimentary to her outfit, yet it still contrasts enough that you notice it. It is, head slappingly obvious moment ahead, fashionable.

They’re all qualities that I’ve looked for in a portfolio. Sadly without sucess. That does lead me to imagine what might be found within this particular one, as I know precisely what I’d want to put within my own.

black leather macbook folio

My Macbook and a few other incidentals such as my iPhone and Paul Smith wallet. It’s always intrigued me as just how much difficulty can be had when one sets out to find the perfect portfolio for the likes of a Macbook Air. After all, in this Golden Agen of design, we purchase laptops less for their features and more for their aesthetics. You want it to look good, and you want its carry case to look better. If you’re going to carry the thing from fashion show to fashion show or meeting to meeting, you want to make a statement of it. And make a statement this folio does. It mightn’t actually contain a laptop, but that’s what I’d certainly slide into it – and each time I did so I’d be that just little bit glad that it was a well crafted folio housing my laptop as opposed to a more aesthetically-challenged tech option.

This look was captured during the men’s component of London fashion week.

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