The overall enigma of life can often elude one’s daily senses, the natural ho and hum of life will often implement a routine of normality into the world we experience. This intriguing and dissimilar fashion shoot by Sela Holkeson attempts to break away from the conventional: to change the perspective of viewing, to open the eyes to the strangeness and enigmatic nature of the world.

This crackling and fractured fashion shoot takes action on the edge of reason and rationality, graphic designer Hugo Jansen has allowed for the viewer to witness more than just a predictable perspective to fashion and gives the viewer a higher instance of the creativity it inspires.

retro future style

The fashion and styling itself (done by Cynthia Staats) is equally unconventional in its temperament. Focusing on an almost celestial sense of style this apparel features unusual designs of a multitude of layers; coats that fold in within themselves and dresses made of sewn together patches. The look itself calls to an almost grunge, almost retro style: blocked colours, 60’s style heels, pin and bead clothing adornments and modern round rimmed hats. The hair styling (by Tommy Hagen) and makeup (by Christel Man) is perfectly in line with this sleek and modern style with natural skin tones and lip hues, and braids fitted cleanly to the shape of the scalp.

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