No longer playing the roles of inapproachable divas and leaving some of the glamour usually associated with the fashion industry aside, our favorite models seem eager to prove that their personalities are about as gorgeous as their looks. And they couldn’t have chosen a better place to fill with all their wicked sense of humor than the wondrous world of Instagram.

Cool chicks to plain goofballs, keeping it rad, funny and a tad bit weird at times, they make it impossible for us not to tag along, their day-to-day musings too priceless to miss out.

Below, the 9 funniest and most entertaining models you need to follow on Instagram.

funniest model instagram accounts

Abbey Lee Kershaw.

Somewhere in between unapologetic and wicked lies Abbey Lee Kershaw‘s Instagram feed, awash with the kind of snaps that match her distinct style:

Follow: @ abbeylee.

most entertaining models on instagram

Tilda Lindstam.

Instagram’s no. 1 girl when it comes to cool, humorous content, Tilda Lindstam‘s hilarious insta-pictures are always perfected with the most witty captions:

Follow: @ tildalindstam.

most entertaining models on instagram

Cara Delevingne.

Queen of cool, and judging by her Insta feed, goofball queen as well, allow Cara Delevingne to brighten up your days with her always beaming personality:

Follow: @ caradelevingne.

most entertaining models on instagram

Andreea Diaconu.

You’re likely more used to her flawless poses and on-point off-duty style, but there’s also a super-fun side to stunning Andreea Diaconu, one she doesn’t mind sharing on Instagram:

Follow: @ andreeadiddy.

most entertaining models on instagram

Chrissy Teigen.

In between her fun, cozy home snaps and her entertaining behind-the-scenes poses, Chrissy Teigen Insta-world comes complete with plenty of John Legend goodness:

Follow: @ chrissyteigen.

most entertaining models on instagram

Lara Stone.

Equal parts cool and wicked, Lara Stone‘s feed has entertainment all sorted out, proving once more that nothing is to be taken too seriously, in fashion or otherwise:

Follow: @ lara_stone.

most entertaining models on instagram

Ruby Aldridge.

Weird is good, and it’s fun and inspirational, and that’s the message that hits you upon entering Ruby Aldridge’s quizzical Instagram world:

Follow: @ rubyaldridge.

most entertaining models on instagram

Molly Blair.

Never one to do glamour, make-up or extravaganzas in her daily life, Molly Blair does take on showing all of her fun sides through her candid Instagram pictures:

Follow: @ molllsbair.

most entertaing models on instagram

Ali Michael.

Odd, and goofy, and totally in control of her colourful personality, Ali Michel is definitely not just a pretty face, and her Instagram feed will have you loving the fun-side of her:

Follow: @ ali_michael.

most entertaining models on instagram

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