Soulful photos from Navajo

A living city keeps moving, keeps changing; what might become a shrine to the past is sold and bought and sold again, redecorated, rebuilt, reborn in the present. It’s when this fails to happen that the remnants of human life crumble and decay, and we can stop and see the true fragility of our existence.

While we’re most familiar with Remi Rebillard as a photographer of people, this series of photos captures instead the soul of a place. In this Navajo ghost town, Rebillard witnesses the inseparable bonds of a deteriorating world and the innocence and beauty that always find a way to survive it. It is the latter that makes bearable the former. In nature the leaves sprout anew after the blaze of a forest fire; in society there is always some footprint, some dying embers from a campfire once lit. Both are scenes populated by ghosts and scored by echoes.

abandoned motel sign

It’s not fashion related – but then Rebillard’s ( photography never fully is (this one was also shot on a desolate part of Route 66). What his photos always are is moving. You can see more soulful scenic shots – photographed for an exhibition themed around fragility – at the gallery.

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