At one point or another, with little or no reason at all, we all must have felt like trying to catch a glimpse beyond what’s considered sexy in today’s society. Aside from the obvious, aside from the bareness of the body done in excess at times, the best kind of sexiness rises from within. You can sense it in the eyes, you can almost feel it in the attitude, as it inspires confidence, it praises femininity, but in such a beautiful way that it still manages to talk about glamour, about sophistication, about class and timeless appeal.

United States of Grey by Pierre Dal Corso

Pierre Dal Corso‘s gorgeous series of photographs evokes sensuality quite effortlessly, all while maintaining the perfect balance between magnetism and poise. Both as a blonde, and as a brunette, Farah Holt makes it impossible to look away. Donning a rebellious kind of allure, she is the mere reflection of the sexy styling put together by Julien Balmain and Sofia Sanz Y Prast.

Rocking an edgy pompadour created by Vinz, with heavy cat-eyes and an additional geometric take on the black eyeliner as envisioned by Rafael Pita, Farah looks equally stunning either in a lace evening gown, or a smouldering harnessed bodice.

To view this smouldering photo shoot by Pierre Dal Corso (, exclusive at, click on the thumbnails above.

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Shaped by all things beautiful and feminine, Nicoleta Parascan’s first steps towards entering the captivating world of fashion were taken somewhere around the young age of six, when she received her very own first fashion magazine. Discovering an entirely new universe, filled with pretty ladies and beautiful clothes, there was not much able to ever beat or compete with the fantasy land that was suddenly opening up. Surrounded by books, constantly thinking about the next best outfit, in search of a signature style and defined by a nostalgic calling towards the past, Nicoleta believes in taking chances, in destiny and in building her own path in life. When she’s not writing, you can easily find her playing with her cat, reading an old book, watching movies, exploring the city or blogging her own daily adventures.