Two artistic pieces, seemingly so distant in their subject matter and form, tied together by a single Arthurian inspiration: the black and white shoot A Figment of the Imagination by Olivia Hunter, and Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott.

Hunter’s lady may not be captive to four gray walls and four gray towers, nor does her untimely end come about in a dramatic vision of white robes, river boats and dirges; but even in modern daily life can one feel the isolation of being unable to interact with the living world. Represented through forlorn looks and isolated settings, none more literal than where a ‘DEAD END’ sign overlooks her shivering protagonist, Hunter’s take on a life of solitude may be far from Tennyson’s but that’s exactly what makes it such a clever re-interpretation.

lady of shallot

The cursed Lady of Shalott, doomed never to look outside her tower except in a mirror reflection, and the lonely girl of Olivia Hunter’s shoot (played by model Natasha Ivanova) have at least one thing in common: they are both truly “half sick of shadows” and wanting something more from life.

Styled by Ainsley Waller and Rosalie Morris in designs by Stone Morris, and with hair and makeup by Nanae Itoi, it’s a desaturated and moody shoot worth viewing in full. Simply click on the thumbnails and browse the gallery for all of Olivia Hunter’s ( A Figment of the Imagination.

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