The closest I’ve come to celebrating Halloween was to pay some child to remove himself from my front garden; he was happy with the ‘treat’ and I was happy to go about my night in relative peace. This should tell you two things: one, I’ve never lived in a country that does Halloween ‘well’ and, two, that I’ve never lived in a country where Candice Swanepoel was relegated with trick or treating duties. Thus I cannot say with any certainty if people really do dress as 80s inspired cat-women or mile-high air hostesses, or it’s simply a fantasy enacted time and time again in such quality productions as American Pie.

What I can with certainty, however, is that if this wasn’t a year when the cash registers had been so silent I would be passing far more judgement on Victoria’s Secret for releasing a Halloween collection far more worthy of an adult store on eBay than a brand that has successfully positioned itself as affordable luxury.

Update: Full look book now available in the gallery. View it, and you’ll have a whole new admiration for the craftsmanship that has gone into this year’s Victoria’s Secret fantasy bra (which we’ll feature later today).

victoria's secret halloween

Take a look at what most people won’t be wearing come Halloween 2010 by clicking on the thumbnails below.

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