One can’t simply enter what is Jessica Choay‘s impossibly sensual universe to leave it feeling completely unaltered. On the mists of desire, celebrating the muse hidden in every woman, veiled in the delicate silks and acting upon instinct, Iliana Chernakova stars in the designer’s first lifestyle film directed by Steve Duchesne. A glance at what Jessica’s world withholds leaves you longing for the fantasy, feeling insatiable.

Click play below to watch the complete video.

With a nonchalant air and a theatrical slink, her velvet heart appeared in the Summer mist.
All grace, elegance, and simplicity in her divine nudity.
And when I considered her artistry, marvelling at the ease of her movements as I stood with one foot folded under the other, I was won over.
In a cloud, her proud lines were sketched out.
And with her pose and my prose, she sang this hymn to love.
Like a diamond in her light.
I dedicate this poem to her, a beam of desire for a simple ‘I love you’.

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