Remember when trailers were a thing for movies? Now books have them, albums have them, fragrances. And the trailer for Lady Gaga’s FAME fragrance has all the explosive drama of a film trailer coupled with the glossy, coordinated visuals of a film clip.

We’d already featured, with interest, the vastly different marketing tactic put forth by the “FORMULATION” clip released for the fragrance (follow the link about to see the clip and read the post) but what we have now is something far more akin to what Gaga fans are used to and what they undoubtedly crave. It’s dark, simultaneously sensual and disturbing, fetishist and surreal. Whether or not it sells the perfume to you, however, is still most likely tied to whether you’re already a fan of all those Gaga-esque things.

lady gaga fragrance trailer

Interestingly YouTube classes it as an over-18s video. As for whether it’ll end up listed amongst the fashion world’s controversial fragrance ads we’re yet to see.

Directed by Steven Klein, you can view the trailer above.

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