Minutes that dissolve into eternity, quiet afternoons built upon a string of endless moments, the simple act of waiting transformed into a sexy ritual. Photographed by John Bouma, the anticipation takes the form of a secret rendezvous, with the hotel room ready to preserve the mystery, the afternoon silently slipping away, and a gorgeous Chirstel Schuurman choosing to indulge her senses in seductive pieces of lingerie.

Hotelroom by John Bouma

As if floating upon the wings of anticipation wouldn’t be exciting enough, the atmospheric monochrome photographs add even more depth to the enigmatic mood of the hotel room, particularly as they appear to be carved out from a world where time found itself standing still. Widely used in the 19th and 20th century, the collodion process has undergone a revival, successfully reimagining the feel of a distant era.

View the complete photo shoot starring Chirstel Schuurman at the gallery. For more of John Bouma’s photography work, do visit his website at www.fotobouma.nl.

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