Love is a double-edged sword. The object of our love that brings us pleasure is the same that, even unwittingly, takes away our freedom. A new video collaboration between jewellery designer Elke Kramer and film director Nicole Rose uses stunning visuals and careful symbolism to explore that fact.

Titled Concrete the film, a visual “occult poem”, centers on a woman who summons the powers of the universe to manifest a man – to manifest love. Act three introduces rope art by Garth Knight symbolising the contraints that love brings, but also its pleasures within those confines. Filmed in the Sydney Opera House with beautiful juxtaposition between the architecture and Jolyon Mason’s styling of Kramer’s exotic accessories, it may not be the most linear of stories but the strength of the visuals means it doesn’t need to be.

elke kramer video

Hit play above to view the film.

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