Where does Mango sit in the fashion world?

Mango has never proved as popular as its high-street cousins. Sure, they have all the elements in place. There’s the comparable quality and price points, along with the similar ability to have big names front their campaigns; Eniko Mihalik this time last year and Kate Moss for the current season ads. None of that translates into a cool factor equivalent to that possessed by the likes of Zara, however. And when you look over Mango’s summer 2012 campaign you’ll get a good sense of why that is.

It’s simply not hitting the mark. From the use of model Magdalena Frackowiak to the lathering of summer prints and motifs, you can see where Mango was headed this season. But it’s all a bit too basic, all a bit too casual. The basic, I suspect, isn’t the issue, but rather the casualness is. It’s not crisp – on the spectrum of youth and maturity, Mango sits solely towards the youthful side. Zara, with much success, have walked the line between the two. Theirs are collections that appeal to a crowd looking to balance youth and maturity, a crowd who are often young by raring to grow-up ahead of their time.

You can see all of Mango’s spring / summer 2012 look book by clicking on the thumbnails above and browsing through the gallery.